Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Kiddo's New 'Do

I'm a bit behind on the post, but couldn't NOT post it. :) Ainsley's awesome new 'do is a big hit amongst kids and adults alike. I wish I could pull off the stacked hair as great as she does! It is absolutely precious. See for yourself :)

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

West Emory Christmas Program {2011}

Each year Ainsley's daycare {West Emory Child Enrichment Center} puts on an adorable Christmas program for the parents. The kiddos sing fun Christmas songs, wear cute Christmas hats and clothes, and sometimes even get a solo, duet, or quartet. :) This year, we were so ecstatic to find out Ainsley was singing a duet with her friend, Bailey -- Silent Night! She practiced her little heart out for mommy and daddy and was so excited for the day to come. In the end, she formed a quartet with 2 of the little boys, Carter & Samuel, who were also singing a verse in Silent Night, so she got to sing verse 2 & 3. She knew it word for word - as well as Bailey - and the boys did their best to keep up. It was absolutely precious! We recorded it, but haven't edited it yet. We'll post very soon though!! 

For now, enjoy the pics! XO

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Gamma & Gampa visit!

Way past due on this post, but kept forgetting to unload the pics from the camera.

Gamma & Gampa Wilson came in for a visit in Mid-November!! It had been a little while since they'd visited - maybe, Spring? - so were excited to have them back! They actually brought our kiddo back from her visit in WV; A little road trip adventure together. :)

It was a lazy weekend of football and lounging, but so nice to have no agenda. They also got to experience OneLife at the new building on Sunday before heading back to WV, which was great! We love being able to show our family and friends our church home. A short, but very sweet visit! Miss you guys! XO

Happy Thanksgiving!

For an in-depth review of our lovely Thanksgiving weekend spent in TN, pop on over to my blog.

Hope everyone had a lovely holiday too!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Adventures with Mimi & Poppy

Ains had an incredibly fun adventure recently which included a road trip with Aunt Carrie to WV, a just-shy-of-2-weeks stay with Mimi & Poppy, and a road trip back to TN with Gamma & Gampa! She's quite the little traveler. :) And handles the separation from us so well. Good thing? Not for mommy and daddy, as we miss her terribly and secretly wish she didn't enjoy trips without us so much -- haha. But definitely a good thing as this time away will prepare her for when she's older and heading off to various camps and adventures with friends. 

As per usual, she had a blast exploring the family farm and gardening with Mimi and Chance and let her creative juices flow with Poppy as they worked on "abstract" paintings as well as ladybugs for the garden. She trick-or-treated with Ivy Rose and Gracie. And since the fall weather was absolutely perfect while there, she enjoyed several naps outside on the porch swing. The pictures Mimi sent really capture it all.


Car ride to Mimi's and Poppy's!
Trick or Treat time!
Visit with Mamaw & Papaw G!
The Loot
Exploring the Farm
Cozy naps on the porch swing
Ladybug-making with Poppy
Finished Ladybug
Cracking black walnuts with Mimi
Talking to Mommy on the phone.
Craft-making with Poppy
Thanks, Mimi & Poppy for a GREAT TIME!! :)

Friday, October 21, 2011

The End of a Great Soccer Season!

Ainsley had a blast learning the game of soccer with coach Sarah. She had a couple goals, but mainly rocked the defense and assists. At four, I was impressed with how quickly she grasped the concept and embraced the game. She's quick and determined and never gave up. She was much more aggressive at getting the ball away from the opposing team than she was at wanting to score a goal. Her coaches and the parents joked and called her "fancy feet" because of how quickly she moved around on the field.

We loved watching her each week - what a great memory!

They played their last game while the Bozics were in town, so they got to experience the 4 year olds in action. Libby loved cheering them on in her Mountaineer gear, while Joe loved free-reign to run about. :)

As the season came to an end, we celebrated one last time with the Lady Bugs at CiCi's pizza. All the girls received a medal with their name engraved for a great season! 

She's really excited about playing again, so we're gonna do indoor soccer at Cool Sports starting in January where they really start learning technique.

For now she's requested a break where she can start either music or dance. We'll be posting soon on her decision. Will it be piano, violin, or dance lessons? Excited to see what she decides!